Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Is AirAsia's interfering CEO risking passengers' safety? How about we leave the flying to the pilots please, Mr Fernandes.

Another AirAsia accident in just a matter of days. Flight Z2272 overshot the Kalibo runway in the Philippines. Badly shaken passengers had to leave the aircraft using its emergency slide.  

Passengers were taken to the Kalibo terminal where the elderly were given medical assistance. An AirAsia statement cited that, "All passengers are now at a hotel assisted by AirAsia staff", whereas in reality they were simply left in the airport lounge to await their luggage that was still trapped on the stricken aircraft, according to Rappler. Such excursions seem all too common for AirAsia. Our professional pilot advisers cite the likely reason is because Tony Fernandes interferes with pilots, dictating technical flight-related matters to them.  These were some his statements from our previous AirAsia safety expose here.

Tony Fernandes: "My engineers talk to my pilots about how to fly the plane more efficiently, "We went from 80 landings per set of tyres to 180. We showed them how to brake on the runway, how to use the reverse thrust, how they should descend. We burn just 770 US gallons per hour of fuel. MAS, using a similar plane burns 1100 US gallons.

Vikram Khanna - Business Times Singapore - The no-frills CEO, 5th July 2003

Cost cutting is an obsession for Mr. Fernandes, who often oversees operations from AirAsia's tiny headquarters at Kuala Lumpur International Airport . He once suggested that pilots avoid using their brakes as long as possible upon landing. "Friction usually does the trick, so our brake pads and tires last a damn sight longer than most," he says.
Discount Airlines Proliferate - 20 July 2004 Source: The Wall Street Journal

Tony Fernandes: ""I know Malaysians very well," said Fernandes, a native of Malaysia. "If you put a fare low enough, they'll risk their lives," he said, as the crowd laughed."

Tony Fernandes - World Low Cost Airline Convention, thestar.com, 2009

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