Thursday, 15 March 2012

Anti-AirAsia Website to be auctioned for charity

Mahathir punishes Tony Fernandes with old underpants on head ....

It seems Dr. 'Evil' Mahathir bin Mohamad was furious to discover that Fernandes had forgotten to bid on the 'Fly AirAsia? Not Me' blog in the 2012 kids' charity auction. Just when Mahathir's cronies and AirAsia had a chance to bury the anti-AirAsia website forever, Fernandes fumbled and let it slip into the hands of one of his biggest regional airline competitors. We cannot reveal which carrier. It was an anonymous auction in support of charity

Actually, this blog is for sale, and the auction is about to happen .. 

'Fly AirAsia' Website For Sale.
 A Ceasefire for Charity. 

Since 2007, the hugely popular website has strung together over 60 investigative articles that have lambasted AirAsia, highlighting its lack of maintenance, safety, governance, pricing, and ethics in particular, but generally making sure that people were aware of all AirAsia's sins.

The AirAsia exposé website is read by hundreds of regional customers each day. And for the right price - money that goes directly to underprivileged kids across Asia - it could be yours. We hope it's not AirAsia's. 

We have already had a number of anonymous emails from parties interested in bidding. Following our last email push today, and any extra registrations at we can begin. VIP, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO TWITTER VIA AN ANONYMOUS ACCOUNT. THEN 'FOLLOW' US ON OUR TWITTER ACCOUNT - HERE. This is imperative if you wish to bid at auction.

Of course, if this Anti-AirAsia opus falls into the wrong hands upon the auction, it will disappear and never be heard of again. If one of AirAsia's competitors purchase the consumerist website, however, it will forever be a major thorn in their Marketing Department's side. Here's our philosophy ...

Our group, the 'Causeway Co-op' Committee was unanimous in our decision to auction the website to the highest bidder and donate the US$500,000 reserve price, or more, to charity. Yes, it's not going cheap - but the charities can never have enough. We are very happy with our decision. With the sale complete, and the charities far better for it, our members have avowed to cease all activity against AirAsia and its affiliates. We're done. Not even articles about engines falling off poorly maintained aircraft? 

Finito. Our lips are sealed. Someone will have to pay to fill our shoes. 

Have we gone soft on AirAsia? It's pretty clear that at least one brand would prefer the site to disappear, whilst a handful of others would like to see the website stay around forever. Let's just say that all parties will be extremely keen to to get their hands on this hot anti-brand website property. We will never have anything but contempt for AirAsia's Management and the bent politicians; however, we are prepared to call a ceasefire for charity.  

Of course, whether it's a ceasefire or WW3 all depends on which anonymous buyer purchases the website via our lawyers. Hell, we'd like to see the website get bigger and bigger with a bit of money behind it. Tony Fernandes must be shitting himself as he recalls all the puerile comments he made about his competitors. As our motto goes, "Don't get angry, get even!"  

We've all been working on this site since 2007. That anti-corruption commitment has led to a website that is content and keyword rich and boasts SEO as sticky as fly paper. And doesn't Google just love 'Fly AirAsia? Not Me'. Try a few 'AirAsia' search terms, especially those for safety, and we are atop of all the international searches from Australia to Malaysia, America to England.  That brings us an average of around 200 individual hits per day - and occasionally up around 600 per day when we get featured in International newspaper websites - which is a lot of eyes, leading to a huge amount of word of mouth. Of course, that is the tip of the iceberg, as there is our incessant 'contribution' to all of AirAsia's social media efforts including FaceBook and Twitter, and regular postings to over a dozen of the world's most influential travel websites. Talk about a thorn in your side.

Why are we selling? We could adopt any number of plans that we had in store for AirAsia, including further safety exposes, advertiser boycotts and far reaching social media campaigns, but we decided 'Save the Children', 'Free the Slaves', 'International Rescue Committee', and others are more important than the safety of a planeload of thrifty AirAsia customers. In spite of our spiteful demeanor, once we step down from our consumerist anti-AirAsia role, that will be the last you will hear from any of our team.

One wag asked us what will happen if we don't reach the reserve, to which we reply that we would be so bitterly angry that we will keep harassing AirAsia 'til the day we die. We're pretty young!  So, that's a long time.

Accordingly, we would like to thank all our team of tireless 'Causeway Coworkers', you know who you are; all of our contributors over the years; our beloved 'moles' within AirAsia and in Government -  and all of our fans who have spread the word about AirAsia's sins. Thank you very much. It is fans like you who managed the miracle of putting us on Page #1 of Google for a search of 'AirAsia' in Malaysia. As any marketeer knows, it takes SEO Gods [ED: We used the 'G' word, team] to reach this absolute SEO pinnacle. We appear just below AirAsia, but above their FaceBook or Twitter pages.

If you need further information, or making a bid to our lawyers over US$500K, please contact us on via an anonymous email address and we will give you details of the auction. As we mentioned, this is an anonymous sale - neither the seller or buyer will be aware of the others identity. One will leave with the the new URL and all the website content, plus the keys to our Blogger, YouTube and Twitter account, the other will have a big party for all of its faithful staff and donate the rest to children in need.  Who'd have thought it'd all end like this? Bye bye.

We really liked this comment posted here -

"Marvelous idea of taxing companies for their ill-deeds, it's a bit like polluters buying carbon credits. I like that a bad brand can support worthy charities, albeit unwillingly. If the blog suddenly disappears, at least we will know why ... and that countless kids will have benefited. Love it. 
Bye bye, 'Fly AirAsia'"

Anonymous reader. 


Anonymous said...

Mahathir hates Jews, like filth, and yet he is the epitome of the stereotypical "Jew" portrayed by bigots such as himself. He is corrupt, a nepotist like no other, and steals and hoards ill-begotten funds for him and his hanky panky family. He cares shit about Malaysians, unless it is sons and cronies. Him, Fernandes, they should all be rotting in some dungeon somewhere beneath KL. The sooner UMNO go, the sooner we will see the retribution. You can bet all these scum criminal have tucked a bankful of money away in overseas accounts. Let's not let them escape overseas as the shit hits the fan, as Gloria Arroyo tried in the Philippines. Malaysia will take a lifetime to clean the stench of these people off our citizen. I hope that the children love you for your hard work. You are good. Our country would be better for more peoples like you whistle blowers. My family and me, thank you for strength.

Anonymous said...

Your Tweets have been answered. I work in PR across the aviation industry. I have forwarded details of the auction. Good luck, you deserve it. Signed: Another Consumerist

Anonymous said...

Hilarious blog. I'd rather eat my testicle than fly on this airline after reading your blog. You guys are bleedin' funny. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Please check your emails regarding our bid. Many thanks.

varun said...

Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again...

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