Wednesday, 14 March 2012

AirAsia trading while insolvent - Govt. Investigate

AirAsia cancels NZ - KL route, tells passengers to pay their own way to Australia if they wish to take a connecting flight to KL. No refunds.  

# Knowingly accepting advanced bookings then deliberately cancelling
# Passengers lobbying credit card companies to have AirAsia blacklisted
# Part 1 of how to get even with AirAsia - a continuing series.  

We're going to keep this one short, because we're speechless. AirAsia's management just dumped thousands of passengers expecting flights to and from Christchurch, New Zealand.  Let's be clear here, these passengers had all already paid their money and had entered into a contract with AirAsia.

What's possibly worse is that AirAsia Management had continued to take passengers' money for goodness knows how may months in full knowledge AirAsia X would never be in a position to fly any of these people.

Yes, of course it's fkin' illegal, not to mention morally reprehensible. In case you don't know Malaysia,  it is the entirely corrupt, predominantly Muslim, country where this ramshackle airline was born and continues to be able to act outside international IATA regulations. We are here to stop that.

You can help. Even if you are not an affected passenger, you can still get online and complain to New Zealand's Commerce Commission - HERE - or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission - HERE, or Malaysia's National Consumer Complaints Center - HERE. There is already a Government investigation in all countries, but every email counts.

Let's not forget, most of these customers have no desire to receive a refund in this instance. It still leaves them thousands of dollars out of pocket, doesn't it? You can bet your bottom dollar they have already booked hire cars, hotels, cruises, etc, etc. They want their holiday, not some figure that was mismanaged by AirAsia and that saw the airline end up insolvent.

The ultimate red-card for AirAsia

Interestingly, word on the street is that many ex-passengers who have been defrauded have been contacting their credit card companies. This serves several purposes. Firstly, in many cases they get their money back straight away, and the credit card company has to take it up with AirAsia.

Ipso facto, the credit card companies get the shits with AirAsia and they are permanently blacklisted. For a company that relies almost 100% on online sales, that would be a real pain in the posterior. Do this immediately!

We'd recommend you claim any ancillary losses on insurance - but definitely follow through with your credit card provider on AirAsia, who unlike other third party providers in this scam, deserve a bloody good hiding.

Do you fancy spending weeks on the telephone, and sending dozens of email that go unanswered?  Well, you might as well forget about a timely refund also. Consider the thousands of passengers who still have not received refunds they were promised from the French, UK, Indian flights that AirAsia cancelled. These despicable corporate criminals are liars and thieves.

If you recall our previous post that asks is AirAsia bankrupt - HERE - we would suggest that the preceding  information from AirAsia would confirm it. Let's run it by you again, readers. If you wish to still get to KL, then you have to buy your own ticket on another airline and swallow it. Tough luck.

You'd think we were making this up, but just as passengers need assistance more than ever before, AirAsia go and announce that they are closing down their telephone support , in order to keep their prices low. These are the most inept marketers on planet earth. They truly deserve to be hated.

Hmmm, look what's on the menu.

So, here's what you might do next time you're flying on AirAsia. Bring the prawns that are left over from your dinner the night before. Yes, AirAsia have a rule about bringing you own food with you [.. but they've taught us that rules are meant to be broken, haven't they?] We'll leave it up to you where you deposit the shells after you've finished your snack [...but hide them well, because we don't want to get into trouble with the stewardess - or Tony Fernandes - for eating on board]. They'll find them eventually. We have lots more fun tips to help you enjoy your trip coming up soon.

Please note: Get angry and get even, but do not perform any pranks that would distress or endanger the lives of others, or break the law. Annoying and inconveniencing AirAsia is fine, but bomb hoaxes, or anything that delays innocent passengers, are definitely out of the question.

Crustaceans are cool.


Anonymous said...

Hi, FAA?NM. Will be at an Aussie BBQ over the weekend, cooking some, erm, prawns. It should be a good time to have a chat to the parents there about what you've highlighted here. I'm pretty sure a few are on their way to Bali or Bangkok. AirAsia aren't welcome in Oz. Thanx.

Anonymous said...

I am one of clearly thousands of now ex-passengers who have been defrauded by this airline. Why doesn't our government or aviation authority act? It is just plain disgusting that my family holiday was ruined, and I can't even get a refund for over $5k having waited for five months. I know of dozens of people who say they've complained to the ACCC, to what end?