Saturday, 3 March 2012

AirAsia Australian Transport Safety Bureau Excuse

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# AirAsia respond to our Facebook accusations - unconvincingly. 

Will wonders never cease, readers? We received a response to one of our thousands of 'please explain' posts on AirAsia's multitude of regional FaceBook pages. Most of the time they are ignored by Tony Fernandes and his staff. On this occasion AirAsia responded to our recent investigation into their lax training from The Australian Transport Safety Bureau.

AirAsia Answer ... 

AirAsia X pilots have at all times adhered to an exacting training standards in relation to landing approaches into airports. The airline has enhanced its training programme in light of the incident that took place in 2010 which was reported by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB). AirAsia X, together with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has included Gold Coast (OOL) specific approaches into the simulator syllabus due to the complexity of the Gold Coast airport landing approach. We have ensured that all pilots must show competency before being rostered for the Gold Coast. Since then, we have had no incidents with regards to landing approaches into the Gold Coast airport. We remain committed in providing quality pilots and crew onboard our flights and ensure that safety is not compromised at any time. The airline has called for an Instrument Landing System (ILS) be implemented at the Gold Coast airport to allow safe aircraft landing. The airport and the Queensland local government have also called for a fast track of implementing the ILS, which would safely guide pilots along the runway when visibility is low. Thanks for your understanding! :)

Our reply ...

Thank you for your response, but we do not understand. Take your time and please explain how it can be that an allegedly trained instructor could allow such a life threatening situation to occur while your aircraft was full of passengers. Pilot training was cited by The Australian Transport Safety Bureau as the major factor in the incidents.  The finding suggests that indeed the 'professional' instructor was incapable of overseeing 'exacting training standards', doesn't it? Why did AirAsia X play the situation down? Chief executive Azran Osman-Rani believing the airline had no case to answer for what ATSB cited were TWO serious incidents at Gold Coast Airport. That sounds like an arrogant disregard for safety, rather than one of showing concern and remorse. Osman-Rani said at the time: “AirAsia X has been advised by the ATSB that this is a routine investigation only." The ATSB had stated this was a 'serious incident investigation'. Enough with the bullshit!! Why should the public believe your assertions here, when your CEO openly contradicts Australia's foremost aviation authority. Why do you stifle the Malaysian media every time one of your planes crash? You also fail to address the question of maintenance raised here - accompanied by video evidence. If you would be so kind as to respond to the video below showing the pitiful state of your aircraft, we will be happy to publish it.

Thanks for your understanding! :)




Anonymous said...

You have mail. Kindly confirm.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Marvelous idea of taxing companies for their ill-deeds, it's a bit like polluters buying carbon credits. I like that a bad brand can support worthy charities, albeit unwillingly. If the blog suddenly disappears, at least we will know why ... and that countless kids will have benefited. Love it. Bye bye, 'Fly AirAsia'

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We have submitted an email. Please keep us posted as to the auction details. Thank you. 'Capt. Asia'

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Please inform details via email we send, can? Thank you, AirAsia NM