Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Your pilot today .. is high on drugs.

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#  How widespread is drug use among Asia's commercial airline pilots?


Not since Japanese suicide pilots in the second world war plunged to their deaths as high as kites, have so many Asian pilots been getting wired before flying. Two of AirAsia's major hubs, its home country being Malaysia and that of Indonesia, including Bali, have recently been the subject of some shocking drug revelations. From Australia's 'The Age' - HERE - "Travelers in Indonesia struggling with the usual rough landings and delayed flights now have a new cause for concern: was the pilot smoking ice before take-off?"


"The arrest of a Lion Air pilot for possession of 0.4 grams of crystal methamphetamine over the weekend, the third such incident in the past seven months, has raised concern over just how widespread drug use is among Indonesian pilots. A month earlier, another Lion Air pilot was arrested with an undisclosed amount of crystal meth in a karaoke bar in South Sulawesi, while two Lion Air co-pilots were arrested for possession of crystal meth and ecstasy last September." And what about Malaysia?

"Connor McCarthy says AirAsia's operating secrets aren't so secret: a lot of small cuts on the cost side and a lot of incremental increases on the revenue side. A no-frills airline requires fewer staffers -- Singapore Airlines flies nearly the same number of passengers but has four times as many employees -- and Southeast Asia's labor costs are low. Regulations are more lax too; a Ryanair pilot can only fly 900 hours a year under European Union law, but AirAsia's crew can log 1,000."

Jeff Chu - Washington Post/Portfolio.com: Business Travel, Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our readers may recall our recent report about the Malaysian pilot caught with five kilograms (11 pounds) of crystal methamphetamine a few weeks ago - HERE. The article raises the question of whether he was also taking the drug, but most importantly about the stresses of working for airlines in poorly regulated regions where pilots are arguably pushed beyond their physical limits - and need to use stimulants to stay 'alert' and are heavily indebted to airlines. We'd like to know, will AirAsia start mandatory random drug tests in light of this regional scourge - or are they too cheap? It is heartening to see AirAsia hasn't failed any scheduled narcotics tests. Rest assured, if they ever do, you'll be the very first to hear about it, readers.

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abe ja said...

when airasia starts doing drug test to pilot/cabin crewa before take off,there shall be a surcharge passed to the customers