Wednesday, 15 February 2012

AirAsia to buy Singapore Airlines: Tony Fernandes

# Fernandes' Singapore Airlines sledging backfires again. 
# AirAsia slugging passengers with higher and higher fees. 
# Waiting for the AirAsia Big Sale - where did it go so wrong? 


Who could forget Tony Fernandes mind numbingly stupid anti-Singapore Airlines chutzpah: "We're Asians, not a bunch of white guys running the airlines,"? That was, of course, before we revealed that Irishman, Connor McCarthy, ex-head of Ryanair, is the co-founder and undisputed brains behind AirAsia.  

You think our appraisal is biased, that it was actually Tony Fernandes who created AirAsia? Check out 'The Age' Business Day article here. Looking at AirAsia's board back in 2005, who couldn't help but be tickled at how many 'white faces' there were, teaching the clueless politicians how to run a stolen airline. 

Indeed, five of the fifteen members had names like Tim Wakefield Ross, Richard Todd Scanlon, Paul John Da Vall, John Francis Tierney and so on. What would you call this but .. a bunch of white guys ... running an airline. Wouldn't you? Of course, these days the board is made up almost entirely of a former Malaysian Prime Minister and his accommodating political friends. 

Just to show what a confused puppy Tony actually is - and we have a very special article coming up that would point to why the party boy seems addled - Fernandes only today appointed a very white guy by the name of Andrew Littledale as top dog, Group Chief Financial Officer.  Tony, are you ... tripping perhaps? 

Not disheartened by his being outed, Fernandes continues to shoot off his voluminous mouth in a Wall Street Journal interview and sledge Singapore Airlines once again. According to the Wall Street journal:

'When plans for a low-cost, medium-to-long haul carrier – which became Scoot – were announced by Singapore Airlines, the AirAsia boss tweeted: “Singapore Airlines to set up a long haul low cost carrier. Hahahaha. Déjà vu.” He insisted they had “copied” the idea from his team." Copied? Will Teflon Tony Fernandes now try to convince the world that Malaysia created the low-cost model in aviation?

"Mr. Fernandes also said Monday the Thai and Indonesian units of AirAsia will launch initial public offerings by the second quarter of this year. When asked what AirAsia would do with all the money raised, Mr. Fernandes joked that he would “buy Singapore Airlines.” “They’re confused puppies… they should be available for sale anytime soon."

If AirAsia continue to charge more than respected full-service airlines, such as Singapore Airlines, Qantas and even Malaysia Airlines, then maybe they will have the money to do that.  In the meantime they will just have to keep bleeding MAS dry, in what must be the most despicable scam in Malaysian history. 

Malaysia Airlines SGD $630.40
Qantas SGD $748.10
Tiger Airways SGD $766.62
British Airways SGD $802.20
Singapore Airlines SGD $854.20
AirAsia SGD $932.00

The Holiday Airfares Survey has revealed opportunistic low-cost operators are frequently more expensive than full-service airlines like Qantas and Singapore Airlines. We conducted our study and discovered that AirAsia hiked their holiday airfares so high, the no-frills operator is now more expensive than the top-shelf full-service carriers. 

What would AirAsia's official line be on charging their faithful passengers more than the full service airlines? 

We took the following from AirAsia's own website where the question is posed whether they offer the cheapest fares at all times - here - which says, "Yes. Our business model stipulates that our fare must be a least 20% cheaper than a competing FSC [Full Service Carrier, such as Singapore Airlines and Qantas] at all times. Anything less, in our view, will steer passengers to our competitors." 

We rest our case ... absolute frauds. Anyway, tomorrow, we'll be letting you know more about the huge queues passengers encountered during the so-called 'Big Sale'. One early response we saw was a gentleman who had twiddled his thumbs for two hours in what AirAsia accurately called its online 'waiting room', only to Tweet that he was entirely underwhelmed by the 'SALE'. Make sure that you email us your waiting room stories. We won't make you wait before we publish them -




Anonymous said...

When Fernandes is finally behind bars, I will visit him frequently with comfort kits and AirAsia food.

Anonymous said...

I will visit him in jail too. Much like the refunds I didn't receive after AirAsia cancelled my London flight; I will keep reminding him that it is only going to be a short wait before he is shown leniency by the new Malaysian Government ... but his freedom will never come.