Thursday, 12 January 2012

Life's fun when you're an AirAsia paraplegic


Why is our AirAsia cripple smiling?

Are you on a meager disability pension? Do you struggle to make ends meet? Smile .. because you get hit with an extra charge that others don't have to pay. In a nutshell the disabled are about as welcome on AirAsia as dog excrement on a pair of Nike running shoes.  

Who finds AirAsia's latest 'smiley' poster offensive? 

You have got to love AirAsia spending millions upon millions of dollars sponsoring international football and F1 teams - yet force disabled pensioners to pay a penalty to get onto one of their planes. Worse still, they have the nerve to paint you as happy campers.

We did a story on this once before - HERE. Who on earth would create such a tasteless piece of point-of-sale? Who would approve something this crass and deceptive? Curiously, it seems that old people, pregnant people or mothers with newborn babies are not portrayed as wearing a permanent grin. Are the people in wheelchairs intellectually disabled perhaps? Still, they are all corralled to the special needs counter, where they get to sign waivers and pay fees. 

Really, AirAsia, when are you going to stop lying about your exploits? You are truly bereft of any morals. 

Before you make your next AirAsia online booking, spare a thought to just who advertises: "Now everyone can fly" - and those passengers that actually can't. 

Many thanks to the AirAsia staff who keep us up to date with the activities of this crooked airline. 


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