Tuesday, 2 August 2011

AirAsia Racist Slurs Backfire ...

"We're Asians, not a bunch of white 
guys running the airlines"

In a classic piece of chutzpah, AirAsia's CEO attacked Asian carrier Tiger Airways in a Bangkok Post interview over a senior hire, saying he was skeptical over Westerners running any Asia-based businesses. Tony Fernandes criticised Tiger, and parent Singapore Airlines, as a result of their employing a Caucasian, saying: "We're Asians, not a bunch of white guys running the airlines." Fernandes skipped one important point ...

But ... a white guy created AirAsia 

Tony is forgetting that an Irishman, Connor McCarthy, ex-head of Ryanair, is the undisputed brains behind AirAsia. Indeed, this flightglobal.com article here credits Connor McCarthy as being AirAsia's "co-founder' .  Yes, it was Connor whom hatched the scheme of AirAsia's short-haul model and accordingly the birth of the cut-price industry, wait for it, across Asia:  "After all, the long-haul operation was his [Fernandes'] original plan until former Ryanair executive Conor McCarthy, who became an AirAsia investor, persuaded him that the short-haul market had better prospects."

All this from a white man completely unfamiliar with Asia, is it possible? Indeed another flightglobal.com article here continues: "AirAsia co-founder and former Ryanair executive Conor McCarthy "tore it to pieces", says Fernandes, and instead they drafted the short-haul no-frills business plan that McCarthy ended up investing in." For once, it appears as if Tony is being honest. It wasn't Fernandes, with zero experience in running an airline, but the ex-Ryanair boss, McCarthy, who truly launched AirAsia.

Most recently, Fernandes followed this white faces idiocy with more puerile stirring: "Funny how SIA keeps putting foreigners in charge at their LCC (low cost carrier). Don't they have faith in Singaporeans. I do. My Commercial Head is a Singapore. Odd company. If I were a Singaporean, I would really be upset with SIA." People in glass houses, Tony, they shouldn't throw stones. Tiger Airways, headed by British Tony Davis, has naturally expressed disappointment over Fernandes' racist remarks in recent times. Maybe he can call Connor McCarthy for some colonial sympathy. Meanwhile, Fernandes is still basking in the false glory of having created AirAsia.

Tony, we'd imagine that the Singaporeans would be less affronted by their hugely successful national carrier employing a white face, than the outrageous scam that was perpetrated upon the Malaysian taxpayer when you and Connor McCarthy - and a gaggle of senior government ministers - inherited AirAsia for the princely sum of sixty cents. Tsk tsk, Tony - up to your old tricks again, hey?  Yes, in case you missed the 'Sedition Edition' expose, Dr Mahathir was very good to his political allies. Think about this before making your next AirAsia online booking.

Read the infamous AirAsia 
Malaysian Government rort report HERE

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