Monday, 28 September 2009

Any Reservations? Sir Richard Branson's Virgin AirAsia.Com 'Star Online' Sham Interview

Malaysia's 'Star Online' talks to Sir Richard Branson about AirAsia: 

This is the official Star Online You Tube page, right? With respect, is this 'interview' journalism or an AirAsia advertorial? We would have thought the 'Star' might have considered that being independent is tantamount to the 'Hippocratic Oath' of journalism. This is a terrific 'Star Online' insight into Sir Richard's sizable shareholding in AirAsia without the 'ADVERTORIAL' tag attached; consider how comfortable Sir Rich looks associating with AirAsia as indicated by the stupendous number of times he says "Ummm' during the PR speech. Let's not underestimate how important the words of an important matsalleh are to Malaysians though folks! If we can't find legitimacy in-house or indeed in-country, let's go elsewhere. Here's an idea: why not jump into bed with one? 

From the placement of the 'Star Online' logo, we can see Dick gets a huge hard-on for money regardless of where it comes from. We're impressed he can lie straight in bed. He does come across as ... ummm ... a little bit .. ummm ... high, doesn't he? So, possibly not the best times to be asking the hard questions. Still, what about discussion of AirAsia's hugely irregular government dealings - such as the sale of AirAsia by Dr Mahathir to his friend and bunch of political allies? What about asking Richard about the wide criticism of AirAsia safety and maintenance? He touches on competitive practices, open sky policies and MAS, but there's no mention of the millions owing to Malaysia's taxpayer surprisingly. Has Malaysia's 'Star' not been informed of all this before? It must have been, yes? OK.  

Let's say we make absolutely sure this time, readers - and we take a screen grab of this posting on its official You Tube  page and publish it here on the alternative AirAsia website that shows there are half a dozen issues  begging to be exposed - yet none of them ever seem to grab the Malaysia Star Newspaper's attention. Why is this please, independent Malaysian newspaper? Even though this mammoth piece of PR/BS must have taken months to organize and had a paltry 227 views - and we will increase that after we publish this - it'll be interesting to see if the 'Star Online' mods approve the posting that you can see above. Will 'Star' acknowledge this alien contact from Planet Truth [AKA 'Fly AirAsia? Not me']? And will they follow up the leads? Let's get Richard Branson to discuss AirAsia on YouTube, by all means, but Anita Gabriel, Editor of Business Weekly Magazine, might try a little less premeditated prejudice? [and a little less preening for that matter. Stop your gushing and fidgeting, girl!] 

Ummm, umm, ummm ... how was that? Did I sound convincing, guys?

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