Saturday, 24 November 2007

A.Horribilis Award for Airline Anarchy

We loved the "I'm as mad as Hell, and I'm not gonna take
this anymore!" attitude of these lion-hearted passengers.

WE NORMALLY RESERVE OUR SCORN EXCLUSIVELY FOR AIR ASIA ... but we had to hurriedly create a new award in recognition of these passengers who epitomise the spirit of everything we represent.

It's Christmas lah. 'Tis the season for more family disharmony, separations and suicides than at any other time of year. Now, if it had been Air Asia in this situation they would have handled things pretty much as badly - only they would have switched the lights off too. This video from Scott & Adeline is in the running for the video awards '08* [Vote 'Tiger Time']. We think they 100% deserve to be in the mix, although it's not AA.

As to the A.Horribilis Award for Airline Anarchy, do we give it to the Singaporean ex-national serviceman or the Aussie? If points were awarded for volume - sounding like a 747 under hard braking - it must be the 'sheila'. We'll leave that up to our voters - as we try to work out how to get the winner a fun prize. Meanwhile, back to the griping. If you read the You Tube comments that accompany this video, you'll see that old chestnut 'you get what you pay for' cropping up again and again and again.

One must assume that some of these would be courtesy of the no-frills airline doing a bit of damage control [perhaps a few lessons in grammar would help their cause]. What really disturbs us are the private citizens who really believe it. Watch the video - and see that these passengers DID NOT GET WHAT THEY PAID FOR!

If you read this website, you will see that its reason for existence is because people have not been given what they paid for.
We at the Causeway Co-Op are sick of these brain challenged pedestrians that keep sprouting that ridiculous phrase. We will offer the first person who is prepared to put it in writing and provide a photograph of themselves, a free flight for two between Singapore and Malaysia. You will then be among thousands of other people that apparently share your views. Please note that it will be a one-way flight - and we require your passport for safekeeping after you arrive in KL.

If you need a little bit more information about your ultimate destination please follow this World's Biggest Gang Bang link.

Send your details to the 'I am a complete fucking idiot competition'. As we have said all along, the alternative airlines we offer at the top of this website are 'alternatives' and nothing more. The jury's out as to whether we remove Tiger. If you were on the flight, please let us know how this resolved itself - and we will update the story accordingly - send all emails to

* Voting for Video Awards '08 will start after current competition ends.

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