Saturday, 1 December 2007

Sir Frank Williams gives you " Branding Bloopers IV - When Airlines Attack"

Air Asia sponsor Williams F1 Team.

Nigel Mansel and Sir Frank Williams
- and his wheelchair -

But at what cost?

Service Charges! Screen-cap Dec 2nd '07

What would Sir Frank Williams
to say about Air Asia's
treatment of the disabled?

Give 'em a Wedgie!!!!

What better way make Air Asia's brass to stand up and pay attention? Let them experience that it's not at all fun being glued to a seat. This is not a violent protest, and makes Bill Gates' cream pie look like an assassination. It is not an affront .... rather more a behind.

Instead of a small child being ignored and tugging on their parent's shirt tail, using the same force we simply apply an upwards tug to Tony's Calvin's.
Roll up, walk up, sneak-up ... and give them all wedgies. Once Air Asia's people have been suitably embarrassed in front of their peers and the press and well-wedged, we get sensible. As this previous post shows, there is a serious reason ...

Background links on Air Asia's policy toward the other four wheelers,
which goes far deeper than simply charging for wheelchairs:

Let's all add some weight and lean on the Air Asia's of this world for the 'wheelies'. All that sets these guys and girls apart is they're sat in a wheelchair. That's it. The same position able bodied people hold all day at the office or plonked in front of television. It strikes me that the last thing that they want is to be singled out for special attention. They simply want to be afforded the same respect that you or I get when we are standing as when we're in a chair. The only extraordinary treatment they receive from Air Asia is that they are quite clearly an inconvenience. They are catered for purely due to political correctness and public pressure. Peter's letter above shows that Air Asia must still have an appetite for public pressure. As you may have gathered, we're up for it. Personally, it will be a pleasure to give Tony a wedgie.
Peter Tan's blog [link] regarding Air Asia's
track record is a must read.

Tony-Two-Phase astride the the William's F1

[Photograph Air Asia public domain press release; lead photo BBC online]


5th Annual Asia-Pacific

Low Cost Airline [+Wedgie] Congress

22nd - 24th of January

Suntec Convention Center, Singapore

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