Saturday, 24 November 2007

Another Air Asia Expose! Boycott Malaysia

One flight.
Two sets of values.
Smells like Air Asia.
Boycott Malaysia!

Parts 1 & 2

Thai Air Asia
is 49% Thai owned and we are all for supporting Thailand - particularly as Thais are getting hit by this [find out why below!]. Please check out the links to Thailand here on the site - and visit one of the most beautiful and friendly countries in the world. There's a far better solution ...

If you wish to stage a protest
, might we recommend looking to the Malaysian government. If you feel that Air Asia's treatment of passengers, the disabled and the disadvantaged who are not in a position to defend themselves against a greedy corporation BOYCOTT MALAYSIA tourism - let's see how quickly the Prime Minister slaps Air Asia into line. Fly Thai Air Asia, but fly it to anywhere but Malaysia! The airline has demonstrated its conscience - or lack thereof - and you can be sure it won't change voluntarily. Malaysians are good people and they won't take kindly to the disruption.

BTW - we didn't seriously think you'd want to be traveling Christmas day, no matter what God you fly with. The 25th was a good example. Next time you are flying - Air Asia or not - remember to send the Malaysian government a message ..

They're sure to pass it
on to Air Asia.

This is Air Asia FD302 Singapore to Bangkok. If you were booking via Singapore, before fees & taxes, it would cost you
S$197. Whereas the uncharacteristically glum Thai guy sitting beside you, also flying out of Singapore, it would cost him S$238.

Air Asia's
website ....

= THB 5,509.70
= THB 5,758.38

= THB 11,358.25

Inc taxes & fees

Compare prices with Air Asia's Thai site ....

THB 5,509.70 = 6,535.00 ....
That seems fair, Air Asia!


And that's before the considerable added costs that appear out of thin air - which we notice Air Asia simply refer to as a gentler 'going out' and 'coming back' costs nowadays. We'll keep 'pointing out' their faults until they become responsible citizens.
Like we said, these two screen grabs are taken at the same moment - it is not a matter of the cheap seats being snapped up first come first served. Thais fund other people's tickets!

Can this be correct? We've said it many times and we'll say it again ... if Air Asia feel that our calculations are partly or wholly incorrect, we will not only retract this and apologise - we'll send them a turkey! It's just too fantastic. You think this is an isolated event? Power up Firefox and open in two tabs. Enter the site via two countries and check prices. There's no correlation with exchange rates. A ripoff. See for yourself!

All correspondence to -

Thailand Website

*Air Asia FD302 25th Dec flight S$238

Singapore Website

*Air Asia FD302 Sing-Bkk 25th Dec. S$197

* All prices before you get whacked by the taxes & fees

Air Asia is a big Malaysian corporation. Being based in one of the world's most populous Muslim nations - which doesn't celebrate Christmas on the whole - we felt we would see if Malaysians get the same holiday treatment as the Thais. No!
Well, would somebody let us know what in God's name the Thais did to deserve this!!!

BOYCOTT MALAYSIA! That's right, we encourage you to take your tourism dollar anywhere but that country. Let Malaysia know and Air Asia will soon get the message! Locals, you know what to do. There are alternative airlines too.

*Air Asia AK880 KL-Bkk 25th Dec. Malaysia website S$100.23

*Air Asia AK880 KL-Bkk 25th Dec. Thailand website S$120.79

The most expensive ex-Singapore flight is still S$40 less
than it costs Thais to fly the other way.

197.00 SGD


4,139.81 THB

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