Sunday, 2 December 2007

'Hairspray Overdose'

Let's assume your flight misses the skyscraper - it turns out the threatening lads' in yellow were the steward's man-pals and actually a wholesome boy-band who wouldn't hurt a soul; the aircraft didn't break up during the 200kmh belly landing and slid gently to rest against the soft bosom of a Air Asia staffer. There's no need to panic. Keeping a cool head just comes naturally to some ... [Well, it seems that this genteel young man's video came to the attention of Air Asia's Management and was promptly removed. Fortunately, we are left with a screen cap. In a nutshell, the trainee got into such a heightened state of hysteria during his emergency drill, his indiscernible screeching and flapping would have caused widespread panic and confusion in the event of a real emergency. Hence the original title, as one might be forgiven he was sky high on ... God only knows. We will be far more careful in future with our videos, as we have been from the start documenting online evidence, which often disappears like scheduled flights. Jolly old shame really, because it would have made you pee your pants.]

[Voting:'Hairspray Overdose?'] We'd love to hear more from our overworked and under appreciated friends within AA. This one from 'FDTaO' - 'Taken while performing door drill/ emergency evacuation for Airbus 320 at AirAsia Academy, Kuala lumpur'. Well, many thanks to you and we hope that it's still as much fun. We liked your singing in the other video!

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