Saturday, 22 March 2008

hidden message

Annabel Chong Vs Air Asia
Another award for Air Asia?

Do Air Asia owe YOU a refund?
EXPOSED: Air Asia Babes.
Boleh Boobalicious!!!

Air Investigation:
Hidden Cost Competition

If you were in any doubt as to
why it's called 'Cattle Class'

"Don't get trampled
in the Stampede"

Boycott Malaysia Part 1 + 2
Air Asia Viral Advertising
[Call For Entry]

Now Everybody Can Fry
"Ravi, did we put the
wheels down?"
Attack of the Baggage Handlers
Vote for your fave AA vid >>

Travel Light.
If you are not in need of
your legs, then
leave them behind.

The AAAs -
Asia's only award for airline incompetence

Win 2 FREE* flights on Air Asia

Dear Air Asia - Open Letter
The Causeway Co-Operative

Air Asia's Toilet & Safety Tips
Air Asia's "FREE" Banzai Promotion

Air Asia Sponsor
Williams F1 ...
Fail to notice Sir Frank's wheelchair as they again take a dump on Asia's disabled

Now Everyone Can ...
Caption Contest Branding Bloopers -
You actually HATE Man U?

EXPOSE: Cut-Price Safety?
Air Asia Staff Entrance

Advertising, Ethics
& The Tribunal.

Our Beloved Founder
A.Horribilis 2007-2007

Welcome to the New Fly Air Asia? Not Me fansite. We ask very little in return for our biased investigative efforts. Please vote in the various competitions. By all means fly AA, do it with your eyes open and your camera at hand.

- our mantra -

"I'm as mad as Hell,
and I'm not
take this anymore!"

Email us and tell us we're appreciated. Email Air Asia and demand an explanation regarding their policies, especially toward disabled passengers. We are
human beings, goddamnit. Our lives have value. Tell Air Asia you're mad as Hell, and you're not gonna take it anymore!

Vote with your wallet. Spread the good word of our deceased founder, A.Horribilis. Demand refunds - it's yours, not theirs. If you have anything to contribute, please do it. Remember - Air Asia deserve scorn, we demand honesty. Not to put too fine a point on it, our sponsors keep us - and you - flying.
Oh, and this too!

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