Monday, 29 October 2007

hen searching Air Asia's database using the term'crap service', I am surprised to find it yields No Results. When you have finished my story and reading the contributions of what I foresee will become hundreds of disgruntled Air Asia passengers venting their air anger, I think you will agree - there's no class in cattle-class, but there's good economies in class actions"

In my particular case -

A] Book multiple promo flights on Air Asia. Too good to be true!
B] Credit card 'declined' - Air Asia finally admits technical error.
C] Get right royally shafted, robbed in Air Asia's inimitable way*
D] Don't get angry, get even - and start warts & all Air Asia blog.
E] Air Asia send out mean hit-men to kill me [Nah, not really].
F] Retract E] Air Asia send stupid PR people to utterly annoy me.
G] Wish Air Asia had sent hit-man instead. Maybe they will.
H] Read the full story and so many others here ...

Use your mouse to try your luck with the
Casino Royale of cut-price ticketing!

* In a nutshell, I was able to prove to Air Asia that I had booked half a dozen 1THB promotional flights. Due to technical failure of Air Asia's online booking system, my card was repeatedly declined. In spite of providing screen grabs of my 'purchases' immediately after, I was effectively told this was bad luck.

To add insult to injury, in spite of repeated requests to be issued an itinerary on regular flights I had booked at about the same time, I was forced to cancel my annual holiday - in Singapore, Indonesia & Thailand - because this was obviously beyond Air Asia. To their credit, the Air Asia staff did manage to send aforementioned itinerary AFTER the flight departed. I haven't received anything approaching adequate compensation for this misadventure. I vowed to devote a couple of those lost holiday days to learning to blog; I've got to say, it's very therapeutic. Don't get angry, get even ... and learn a new skill.

Hero photograph [accompanying headline] thanks go Alexander Watts

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