Friday, 12 October 2007

Calling Young Angry Creatives!

The Now Everyone Can Fly Quick Quiz #1

This widget is Air Asia's ....

A] Mainframe for their online ticketing system?
B] Novel alternative to
in-flight entertainment?
Official company Public Relations Manual?
E] Latest innovation in no-frills flight simulators?

Frustrated Creatives: please submit your Air Asia parody ads - press/poster and television/viral - and we'll run them here. If you're looking for a brief, you might start with this website! Keep them hard nosed and honest - if an ad is libelous, we won't run it. We might even see if Ham will feature the Top Ten. Send your submissions to
No ... in its terrestrial form it's one of the coolest toys ever;
this one actually works - use the arrows on your keyboard

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