Thursday, 18 October 2007

If you were in any doubt as to why they call it 'cattle class' .... Welcome to Air Asia

Some time before 'Fly Air Asia? Not Me' was born - and before I had been driven insane by their 'Guest Support' staff - I wrote to them and suggested that I was going to start a blog if they didn't get their act together. I sincerely believed the suggestion of being 'outed' might actually put a rocket up them. It didn't, so I did. Driven to blog! Who could have imagined that people would be queuing up to contribute such hysterically funny videos as the next two? Thanks!

This one comes from Anthony Thomaz [Voting: "Cattle Class"]. Please keep them coming guys. The Air Asia TV Awards, top videos will be posted to await your vote on the site - some amazing prizes are going to be awarded. I only need a few more before voting opens.

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