Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Fragile! Attack of the Baggage Handlers

Angrytiger from Malaysia wrote on, 'Welcome aboard AirAsia! When AirAsia was launched as a low fare, no frills carrier in January 2002, we began operations with the mission to make flying affordable so everyone can fly. With four routes and two planes to start with, our low fares, no frills concept was introduced to Malaysians. The low fares were certainly good news to many, a majority of whom had never flown before. Dato' Pahamin A. Rajab, you should know how the air asia crew do? behind the wall while we waiting our thing.' [Voting: 'Baggage Handlers']

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Anonymous said...

Good blog site. Eye-opening.

But I think you are not being fair to Air Asia in this particular post.

Baggage handlers are employees of the airport management company, not the airlines.

While not justifying the way they throw the baggage but I see this done by baggage handlers all over the world. (I travel quite a fair bit in my line of work). It's a back breaking job and it would be better if the airport had provided a more ergonomically designed equipment for the baggage handlers.