Thursday, 11 October 2007

Online Gambling - Air Asia Style

Before we go on with the story, let's
consider what I lost in financial terms alone versus what Air Asia offered by way of compensating me for the 'inconvenience' attributable to that airline: I had booked a return flight for two to Singapore from Bangkok; I canceled this trip because I couldn't even wrangle a confirmation on the flight that I had requested on three occasions [it finally arrived after the flight had lifted off! Seriously.] The Singapore leg was 7,700 THB. Further to that I also 'booked' Krabi, Singapore, Lankawi and Hanoi at the promotional price of 1THB - so consider the opportunity cost - which went the same way.

There I was under the impression I had procured a number of promotional fares from Air Asia, but 'lost' them due to technical difficulties in Air Asia's IT system. In spite of having screen caps of each purchase - not to mention the evidence on their own servers - I was basically told it was simply my bad luck. I didn't see it as being quite that simple.

You can't put a price on the holiday that went up in flames - not to mention the look on your girlfriend's face when you both decide Air Asia isn't able to even send a confirmation - I'm still at a loss as to why - and your dream ten-day holiday is sacrificed rather than risk ending up stranded. As I write this, I am supposed to be having a massage at Banyan Tree resort with my girlfriend, followed by an afternoon's sailing. So, you can probably imagine my reaction when some PR guru at Air Asia offers me two [yes, 2] tickets on Air Asia - to any destination - by way of an apology for screwing my vacation.
As if it isn't bad enough purchasing Air Asia 'food' at ludicrous prices.

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