Wednesday, 10 October 2007


" .... and it’s oh-so-cool to have our AirAsia babes on your desktops."

Boobalicious!!!! Can we expect Coyote Dancers any time soon?

This download strap-on or plug-in, whatever those things are called, notifies you when Air Asia are having an online promotion - with a twist. Compatible with Vista, it also more than hints at a little bit of slap, tickle and 'mile high' fun right there on your desktop - or - laptop. Not to put too fine a point on it, if there's one profession where the boys' hairspray is putting a far bigger hole in the atmosphere than the babes, it'd most certainly be as a flight attendant. If you've flown Air Asia, I think you know what I mean.

Ummm, from their website: "
no frills, plenty of thrills cabin crew. The ladies dress in chili red AirAsia suits. Perfectly applied makeup. Walk in confidence in fine court shoes. Smell like a garden of roses.The guys are smartly clad. Hair in perfect place. Shoes well-polished and shining. Winning smiles that promise impeccable service." What airhead writes copy like that??? Who puts it on the site? I'd like an airsick bag. I'll warrant they wrote this too: "AirAsia's cabin crew are thinkers too. How else can one conduct games and activities, then joke and laugh about it, and serve with a smile throughout, all onboard a soaring plane?" The Wiggles?

Up, Up and Away ... Have a Gay Ol' Day!!

I'm yet to download the 'widget', but I'd think that you won't find too many stewards or former chauffeurs included in the 'pictorial' promotional tool. If only Dr Mahathir was in still in the cockpit - we'd have absolutely none of this Benny Hill type of smuttiness. A few Coyote Dancers cavorting down the aisles, however, might help some travelers avoid the inescapable boredom of metal-tube-mania inevitable on these oatmeal-bland flights. After les boys are done dancing up a storm, perhaps the girls could belt out a karaoke number or two!? I'm betting our Tony has a wonderful baritone.

Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes - and some trolley dollies

[Photograph - Air Asia PR Dept - public domain press release + Video 1 [unknown Asian carrier]; Video 2- Parody - not Air Asia [Voting: 'Fashion at 5 Thousand]

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